Online Texas Holdem rulesHow to Play Texas Holdem Poker Online Instrustions are important to know, because if you go to a casino and ask to play some card game, there is a great chance that you will be offered to play a hand of Texas Holdem Poker game, probably the most popular variation of poker nowadays. Being considered as a game of sheer skill and tactics, it quickly took over the professional world, bringing to many live tournament broadcasts, through which Poker lovers worldwide had the opportunity to learn how to play Texas Holdem Poker, making it even more popular!

So, if you want to get familiar with some basic Texas Holdem rules, Texas Holdem dealing and betting principles, as well as with basic hand rankings through which you will learn how to progress during a single hand, stick around and enter the world of Texas Hold’em!

What Is the Difference Between Poker and Texas Holdem Poker?

The first step towards picking up some Texas Holdem poker strategy advice is to better understand the difference between, as well as the rules of Texas Holdem Poker and so-called “regular” Poker; we should first dig into the classification of all worldwide recognized Poker games. The online gambling world acknowledges three main categories of Poker games:

  • Community games
  • Draw games
  • Stud games

There are several versions that belong to the “community games” category: Texas Hold’em Poker, Omaha Poker, Pineapple, and Courchevel.

Draw Poker games include 7-card draw Poker, double-draw Poker, and 5-card draw usually referred to as “regular” Poker.

Stud games comprise 5-card stud, 7-card stud, Mississippi stud Poker, and Razz.

Postulates of Poker

Although different, these categories still have several things in common:

  • Betting possibilities include making your bet, as well as call, check, and raise of your opponent’s bet, or fold your hand.
  • The card ranking system is the same in all Poker versions and has combinations, such as pair, high card, two-pair, full house, four-of-a-kind, straight, flush, etc.
  • An “Ante” bet, which represents the smallest amount of bet each and every player needs to place in order to qualify for playing Texas Holdem online or any other type of poker games. It is a forced bet, which means it is placed before the beginning of the game.

Texas Hold’em vs Five-card Draw

The table shows typical progression differences in one of the 5-card draw and online Texas Holdem Poker hands.

Texas Hold’em Poker5-card draw Poker
The player receives 2 cards initially (hole cards).The player receives 5 cards initially.
The initial (pre-flop) betting round is based on the value of two hole cards.The initial betting round is based on the value of five cards.
The dealer places three community cards on the table: flop (3rd), turn (4th), and river (5th). Between dealing each of them, there is a betting round.The player can trade between 1 and 3 out of five hand cards. After trading unwanted cards for new ones, the second betting round follows (“after the draw”).
Showdown (uncovering the cards - if more than one player is left).Showdown (uncovering the cards - if more than one player is left).

Progressive Texas Holdem Poker

The progressive version of this popular casino game is played according to pretty much the same online Texas Hold’em rules. The hand begins with an “Ante” bet, which is obligatory for participating in the game.

In order to learn how to play Texas Holdem Poker in a progressive manner, you should first understand the main difference between regular and progressive Hold’em. The main difference lies in the betting field layout. Next to betting fields marked as “ante,” “flop,” “turn,” and “river,” the players have the opportunity to bet two more fields – “bonus bet” and “progressive bet.” So, here is progressive online Texas Holdem instruction.

Bonus Bet & Progressive Jackpot

A bonus bet can be placed in the case when the player receives strong hole cards. Bonus bet pays from the minimum of 3:1 (for low pairs, from 2-2 up to 10-10) up to the maximum of 1000:1 (for two Aces in both the dealer’s and the player’s hand).

A progressive bet can only be realized if an ante bet has previously been placed. The player can win three different progressive payout amounts:

  • 100% progressive payout if the player scores Royal Flush, after 5 dealt cards (on the flop).
  • 25% progressive payout if the player scores Royal Flush, after 6 dealt cards (on the turn).
  • 5% progressive jackpot if the player scores Royal Flush, after 7 dealt cards (on the river, including at least one hole card).

Progressive vs Regular Texas Hold’em

A good thing to know is that if you know how to deal Texas Holdem, you will fully understand the dealing principles of the Progressive version as well! Dealing includes several cycles: initial hole cards, flop, turn, and river. Card rankings are also exactly the same as in regular Hold’em, so you will be familiar with your hand value. If yoг still feel lost in all these terms and want to find out what is the difference, then you should play Texas Holdem for free to feel the game but not to waste your money before you are aware of all the tricks of poker games.

F. A. Q.

Can I play Texas Hold’em and regular (5-draw) Poker online for free?

Yes, by visiting an online casino or a review site that offers such games in demo mode.

What is the main difference between Hold’em and 5-card draw?

The main difference lies in the initial hand. Hold’em players receive two hole cards at the start, while 5-card draw players receive five of them.

Which betting possibilities are there in Progressive Texas Hold’em?

One can place a bet as “ante,” “flop,” “turn,” “river,” as well as “bonus bet,” and “progressive bet.”

What is the main difference between Progressive and regular Hold’em?

Unlike regular Hold’em, the Progressive version offers two more betting possibilities – “bonus bet” and “progressive bet,” through which you can win massive amounts!